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Created By A Master Contractor Turned Inventor, with 30+ Years in the Roofing Industry.

After 30 years of running a succesful roofing company, somebody asked Mike if he would sell, and he hit the Eject button for family trips 4 times a year. Then he drove by a construction site and.....


Years as a Contractor.

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About SweepReLeap

We Cut the cost of clean up & staffing.

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Podcast Appearances

Hear how Mike came up with The SweepReLeaf after exiting his 30+ year contractor company!

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Kill 2 Birds with one stone, and cut down wated overhead. Because how many employees does it take to clean up a pile of waste?

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Our Experience

The patented inventor Mike Smith spent 30 years watching his crews waste hours cleanin up piles and wasting profits. How can you save on the cost of clean up time?

Never see this again.

How many men does a pile need to pick up?

As product manager, team leader, or owner. We know how much seeing 2 employees clean up a pile hurts. Wasted man hours, payroll, and Ouch, my overhead!

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